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install and Enjoy the HERO

Congratulations on Choosing the Hero Headrest DVD Players!

The Dream headrests are our top selling model and for a good reason.  You get to enjoy a ton of fancy features at a price you can't believe.  This page is designed to help you quickly scale the learning curve to install and enjoy your Dream headrests in no time.  Let's get started.

Installing your Hero headrests:

To help with installing your headrests, we've created the following video.  Because there is such a wide variety of vehicles on the market this video is designed to be a "general" overview to help you along the way.  Also, here are some quick tips to help along the way.

Quick Tips:

  • Using the included cigarette lighter plug and power cable, you can quickly test the headrest functionality before installing if you wish.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: TAPE the red wire so it can never touch anything when plugging the cigarette plug in for power.  If the red wire touches anything, it can blow the fuse inside the cigarette plug.  If the red light on the cigarette plug is not on, the fuse may be blown.  You can replace the fuse by unscrewing the cigarette plug end and getting a new fuse at a local car parts store.
  • Measure your post diameter and distance before installing.
  • If you ordered the (optional) larger (12mm, 12.7mm or 14mm) metal VERSA posts, use these posts instead of the 10mm posts.
  • After screwing in the 10mm (or larger VERSA) metal posts, adjust the post distance using 2 hands pushing both posts in or out.
  • If you would like to tilt the headrest, you'll find the posts can be pushed forward or backward about 15 degrees using 2 hands and moving 1 post at a time.  
  • If your seat backs are removable, this will make snaking the wire through the seat easier.  Most seat backs will have velcro or snaps near the bottom.
  • IF YOUR FUSE BOX IS FAR AWAY: we recommend running a single power wire from the fuse box back to the seats.  This will be easier than running the entire wire assembly to the fuse box...and less wires to hide along the way.  You can get a power wire at a local car parts store.  12 to 14 gauge wire should be sufficient.
  • YES, each headrest requires its own power connection.  There is no power running through the RCA cables.
  • YES, you can connect 2 headrests to a single fuse slot.  We don't recommend connecting more than 2 headrests to a single fuse (if you install 4 headrests into your vehicle we recommend 2 fuse connections).
  • Connect the black wire to an unpainted metal bolt attached to the frame of the car.  Seat bolts are typically easy to get to in this case.
  • To connect the 2 headrests together. The RCA cables can only connect one way.  male to female, red to red, white to white, yellow to yellow.  If you connect both directions, either headrest can be a master or a slave to the other whenever you wish.
  • Or, if you're wishing to use the front DVD player as a master to the headrests, connect your in-dash DVD system RCA output to the RCA input cables on headrest 1.  Then connect headrest 1 to RCA cables to headrest 2 cables.  This way you can watch the in-dash DVD player on both headrests whenever you wish.
  • TAPE YOUR CONNECTIONS!  Before you hide the cables, be sure to tape the connections so little feet don't accidentally disconnect them.  Don't forget to tape the power cable connection to the headrest cable.  
  • If the headrest is not getting power it is most likely a blown fuse, bad power cable connection or a bad ground connection.  Go back and double check these first.



Enjoying your Hero headrests:

We hope the previous video and tips were helpful in getting your Hero headrests installed.  Now it's time to enjoy them.  Here's a few tips and we share more in the video below.

Quick Tips:

  • The wireless headphones require 2 AAA batteries.  
  • The wireless IR signal is "line-of-sight" so you will need to be behind or near behind the headrest to receive the IR audio signal.
  • To turn on the IR signal, us the IR-TX button on the remote.  
  • To turn on the wireless FM signal so you can hear over your vehicle stereo speakers, use the FM-TX button.
  • You will notice when either the IR or FM signal is turned on, the built-in speakers automatically turn off.  So if you wish to hear the built-in speakers again, turn off both the IR and FM transmitters.
  • The remote controls are "universal" so they can control each headrest.  This is a good thing in case you lose one remote you can use the other.  However, this also means when trying to change 1 headrest with the remote you may accidentally change both of them if not careful.  
  • TIP: when pointing the remote control to change only 1 headrest, point it towards the vehicle window or place your hand on the side of the remote to block the signal and direct the remote signal so only 1 headrest receives it.  This is also helpful when playing video games.
  • To watch 1 DVD on both headrests simply play the DVD on unit 1 and select AV input on unit 2.  You will need to have the RCA cables connected correctly as explained in the install video.
  • When removing the zipper cover, be gentle with the zipper and velcro.  
  • To re-zip the zipper cover, remove the velcro connection first.  Zip the headrest cover back on and then affix the velcro at the bottom.  This makes zipping the cover easier in case the velcro is not correctly aligned. 
  • NEVER NEVER NEVER plug your smart phone or tablet into the USB port.  In a few rare cases, the unit may get confused and try installing software from your phone onto the headrest and erase the headrest software in the process.
  • NEVER connect up a large portable hard drive to the USB port.  These also have custom software on them that can erase the software on the headrest.
  • ALWAYS use only a USB thumb drive of 32GB or smaller that DOES NOT have any custom software on it.  VERY IMPORTANT!
  • If you need help formatting the files correctly to play on the headrest DVD players, please email us and we'll give additional instructions.  The key will be to save the video resolution to match the headrest resolution and to keep the refresh rate at a lower rate.