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Blu-ray Headrest DVD Player

If you reached this page, I'm guessing you're on the lookout for Blu-ray headrest DVD players and not having any luck finding any.  Yes?

Well the reason is because nobody makes them.  Maybe you were frustrating landing on some headrest DVD player mounts that said blu-ray in the title but these are not really what you're looking for.  We understand.

We know you're looking for Blu-ray headrest DVD players that are in a pillow much like our very popular Autotain headrest DVD players.  Maybe Autotain can make a Blu-ray headrest DVD player?  

I have sad news, there are no Blu-ray headrest DVD players on the market and there are no plans in the works for one to be made.  How do we know this? We'll because at OnFair, Headrest DVD players is what we FOCUS on more than anything else. We know headrest DVD players (Blu-ray or not) better than anyone else in the universe. We know this because we've been selling them to happy families with long vacation drives for nearly 9 years and counting.  We are a family and we take long drives so we totally understand what you're looking for.

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We also know this because we spend a great deal of time researching this headrest DVD player market. We know what models are out there and what models are coming soon.  We talk to the factories on a daily basis. We visit with the factories at international trade shows and because of our focus, they show us what's coming next. They even request our help on designing the next model because we know what customers want and what customers need more than anyone else.

Bu-ray headrest DVD players are not in the plan.  No factory we talk to (and we talk to nearly all of them) is considering Blu-ray for the next greatest headrest DVD player.  There are many reasons, but I'll stick with the main one....Digital.

Digital Video for headrest DVD players such as MP4, Flash and DVI is going to overtake DVD players altogether.   We're seeing this with our Android based headrest DVD players. We're seeing this with WIFI enables headrest DVD players and we're seeing this with Miracast and screen mirroring technology.

The fact is, Blu-ray is being leapfrogged.  DVD players are on the way out the door as more and more families go digital.  I see another 5,6 maybe 7 good years left but the trend is showing and growing.

I'm sorry we didn't have better news. I wish we did have a Blu-ray headrest DVD player to offer you.  We know there are people looking for them.  However we also understand the situation and know the math doesn't make sense. The market is not big enough and the length of time to sell the model if developed will not be long enough.

So, we encourage embracing the new technology and check out our Active enabled headrest DVD players and our newest 2016 headrest monitor models and we guarantee that your family will enjoy them!  

Thank you for considering OnFair for your back seat family entertainment. We look forward to entertaining your little ones during your next long family drive.