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What is TFT Screen for Headrest Monitors

You’re searching for the best headrest DVD player for your vehicle and noticed some headrest packages have TFT screens and want to know more about TFT.  It’s a fairly complicated technology, but we’ll do our best to make it simple for you.  Here goes:

What is TFT?

TFT stands for “Thin Film Transistor” and is used on LCD screens to control the image pixels.  Note: we talk more about headrest image pixels here, if you’re interested.  Another term sometimes used for TFT is “Active Matrix” because with TFT each pixel is actively controlled in contrast to earlier technologies that were Passive Matrix.

In simple terms, light produced from a back-light pass through polarized film, through liquid crystals which move in position when activated to allow light to pass or block the light when inactive.  The remain light pass through color filters and another polarized layer to produce the final image onto the screen that you see.

what is IPS panel for headrest dvd players


There are many types of TFT technologies, however for headrest monitor screens these two dominate the market.

  1. TN TFT which stands for “Twisted Nematic”
  2. IPS TFT which stands for “In Plane Switching”

We go into greater detail on the advantages and disadvantages of TN and IPS screens here.

Headrest Monitor Screens

Most likely, the headrest monitor you choose as best for your needs will have either TN or IPS TFT technology.  In most cases, either will be sufficient to watching cartoons or movies from the backseat.  However, if you’ll be having a backseat passenger sitting in the middle seat, then IPS may offer a better viewing experience due to the advantage IPS panels offer.

Here’s an example of the AUTOTAIN MEGA headrest monitor with IPS panel and how the quality of the picture remains steady from a very wide-angle view.

About OnFair

about onfair

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