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Car DVD Headrest Monitor Buying Guide

Finding the best car headrest DVD player for your needs AND your vehicle can be a daunting task. We are the online authority for headrest DVD players because we know this product better than anyone else, hands down!

OnFair is a family run business located in Lincoln, NE GO CORNHUSKERS! The Cornhuskers are known for raising the bar when it comes to hosting visitors while also playing with extreme competitiveness. We do the same at OnFair raising the bar on our top quality service offering product features and packages not available anywhere else leaving our competition in the dust left to offer a slightly lower price due to their largely inferior product.

Also because we’re a family run business, we understand your need for backseat entertainment with easy installation, convenient to use and having quality information at your fingertips. We test many headrest DVD models each year and many of them just don’t pass our standards to be listed on our website. You'll find many of these models that we don't consider worthy to be sold by OnFair sell for cheap from China but lack all the accessories needed for a smooth installation, sometimes include "used parts" inside, have limited features and you just can’t understand how to use them once you receive your box from overseas.  And let's not talk about how much it would cost you to ship it back.....

Car headrest DVD players sold by OnFair and shipped from our Nebraska warehouse are kid tested (literally) and parent approved by me. At this time we're enjoying our drives with the Autotain DREAM model in our vehicle and really like them but we're considering changing to the Autotain DESIRE model because we really like that model too.

We’ve organized this guide to help you understand the important things to know, measure and understand before narrowing your selection for the best car headrest DVD players for your vehicle.

Thanks for visiting OnFair and we hope to see your order soon!

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