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How do I connect my headrest to the fuse box

We know this is a popular question and we hope to offer additional support in this area in the future with installtion videos and more.

There are a wide range of fuse boxes and so providing one simple instruction is hard to do.  Typically the fuse box will be located under the vehicle dash on the driver's side or sometimes you will find an additional fuse box located under the passenger seats in the back seat for some SUV vehicles.

The headrests draw approximately 1.4 amps and so connecting the headrests to a single fuse greater than 4-5 amps is possible depending on what other devices are on the same fuse.  We recommend connecting to an empty fuse location whenever possible to avoid drawing more amps than the fuse can hold. 

If there is not a way to connect the wires to the fuse box, it is possible to purchase a special fuse at your local automotive store where the fuse includes a butt connector to connect the headrests power wires to.  It is sometimes call an "Add a fuse tap" and can look like the photo below.

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about onfair

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