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Car Headrest DVD Player Material Color Sample

free headrest dvd material color sample


We know picking the color closest to your vehicle color can be we make it easy to compare our headrest DVD player pillow colors side by side with your car seats.  Give us your address below and in a few days you'll receive our color samples in the mail, FREE!

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TAN/BEIGE - We call it TAN, many others may call it BEIGE. It's the EXACT SAME color when considering this color for your vehicle. TAN is the lightest color available and probably the best headrest color choice if your vehicle interior is: machiato, latte, oyster, wicker, palomino, tan, beige, butterschotch, camel, doeskin, bisque, cream, teak and other similar colors.  SHOP TAN/BEIGE HEADREST DVD PLAYERS.


GREY/GRAY - We call it GREY while others may call it GRAY. How do you spell it? Again, they are both the same color headrest pillow. There are a ton of shades of GREY. 50 shades if you watch the movie. The AUTOTAIN GREY color headrest pillow is smack dab right in the middle. Your vehicle shade may be lighter or may be darker but our customers tell us this shade seems to look nice inside vehicles even when the shade is different. The GREY headrest pillow color will be the best choice if your vehicle interior color is: adobe, ivory, grey, gray, sandstone, fawn, desert, nutmeg, light mocha, wheat, oatmeal, shell, terra, granite, sterling, pewter and other similar colors.  SHOP GREY HEADREST DVD PLAYERS.


BLACK - Luckily BLACK headrest DVD players are only spelled one way, BLACK. This is of course the darkest color available and looks luxurious in vehicles with any darker color interiors. The BLACK headrest pillow color will be the best choice if your vehicle interior color is: black, ink, midnight, storm, havana, espresso, dark carbon, charcoal and other similar BLACK colors.  SHOP BLACK HEADREST DVD PLAYERS.


TIP: Again, take full advantage of our FREE color samples here to get a material sample into your hands within a few days.


TIP: If the headrest DVD player colors don't match your vehicle interior close enough for your liking, then consider our very popular clamp on style headrest DVD players that are compatible with ALL COLORS.