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How To Install Car Headrest DVD Monitor from OnFair

How to Install OnFair Car Headrest DVD Monitors

Headrest DVD player installation can be considered "Very easy" for some people while "Very difficult" for others.  This will mostly depend on the skills and comfort level of the person doing the installation and the vehicle the headrest monitors are being installed in.  The key factors in determining the degree of difficulty are:

  1. Will you be running cables through the car seats and if so, do the car seat backs come off for easier access?  Sometimes simply removing the back of the car seat can be the most difficult part of the entire install.  In most cases there will be tabs, clips or velco near the bottom of the seat as a starting point at removing the back cover. 
  2. Powering the headrests to the fuse box may become the second hardest step of the install.  If the fuse box is far away, we highly recommend running a single 14 gauge wire from the fuse box back to both headrests rather than running 2 or more wires to the fuse box.  Power both red wires to the fuse and ground both black wires to an unpainted bolt on the metal frame of the car.  If powering at the fuse box seems too difficult, most packages come with the cigarette plug power option if powering to the fuse box is too difficult.
  3. Connecting the wires is next.  Connect both the RCA yellow, red and white wires together and also the wire assembly to the headrest cable that ran down through the seat. 

TIP: be sure to tape these connections before hiding the wires under the seats or under the carpet to avoid any cables coming disconnected later.

TIP: Test the power cable connections with either the fuse box or the cigarette power plugs before installing to make sure you have a good connection and all cables and units are working as they should.  This will save time in case something needs to be fixed or exchanged.

Please note: While every vehicle is unique our installation guide will cover the basic steps to help you install your new OnFair headrest DVD monitors. Minor modifications may be required for a unique installation in your vehicle.

For OnFair headrests ONLY: We are the largest online retailer for headrest DVD monitors and our packages offer the greatest value on the market. If you purchased from another retailer you will discover less accessories were included therefore our OnFair installation instructions will not work for your purchase. We have a very loyal and happy customer base and hope your next purchase is from

We've created 3 instructional videos on how to install the OnFair car headrest dvd monitors.

Video 1
For this segment we will show you how to confirm the headrest monitor will fit into your vehicle, how to remove your existing headrests, how to prepare the new headrest monitors for installation, how to add the post sleeves and install the headrest pillow onto the seat.

Video 2
For this segment we continue the installation demonstration showing you how to connect the power wires and run them to the fuse box, what to do with that green wire, how to connect the audio/video cables together and how to test the headrest monitors out when finished.
Video 3
This video demonstrates how to connect the car headrest DVD monitors to a car fuse box. We use a fuse box from an Expedition for this demonstration video.