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Autotain Customer Installation Photos in a 2011 Honda Pilot

OnFair Autotain Customer Testimonial - 2011 Honda Pilot

Vehicle make/model:  Honda Pilot
Vehicle year:  2011
Vehicle color:  Metalic Cherry Red
Post distance center to center:  Unknown (slide until it fits)
Post size used (10mm, 12mm or 14mm):  12mm
First name and city/state:  Rick from Peoria, AZ

Additional comments:  The kids LOVE this system. They can watch movies and play the included games. I tell everyone about our headrest DVD monitors and I send them to to buy their own system. On the 2011 Pilot, the BOTTOM of the back of the seats have two screws each. Unscrew these screws first. Then, use a flat screwdriver with cloth around it to carefully pop the backs off. Then, you need to remove the back of the center console. Start at the top of the back panel.  Open the center console lid and carefully pop the very top apart using a flat screwdriver with cloth around it. Then, pop the sides off. Once you have the back of the seats removed and the back of the center console removed, you can install the headsets and run your wires. I used an electrical fishtape to run the electrical wire along the left side of the console to the front of the truck. Then, I used a fuse tap to tap into the fuse box. I bought the fuse tap from my local auto parts supply store (O'Reilly). The kids can use their wireless headphones, the built in headrest monitor speakers, or the SUV's audio system. I sometimes get interference when I use the headrest monitor's FM modulator. On the 2011 Pilot, if you look inside the center console compartment, you will see an AUX plug. I plan to purchase an adapter so I can plug the red and white output audio lines from the headrest monitors into this AUX plug. This way, the sound output will go directly into the SUV's audio system using the AUX button on the radio. Please note that when I turn off the SUV, the kids get a LOUD pop sound if they are wearing the wireless headphones.  We do not hear the loud pop sound if we are using the headrest monitor's speakers or the FM modulator on our audio system.  I now use my mirror and check to be sure the kids are not wearing the wireless headphones before I turn off the key.

OnFair Autotain Customer Photo Honda Pilot 2011