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What video games are good for the kids

Most of our headrest packages include a standard video game package.  You will see us mention that some games are 8 bit and some games are 32 bit games.  The 8 bit games are mostly like the games we grew up with in the 80s and 90s such as pac-man, dig dug, donkey kong, mario brothers, etc.  The 32 bit games are a newer generation of games and graphic quality that our kids are growing up with.  These games have higher graphics and are typically more complex.

The games range from strategy games, board games, card games, educational games and more. 

While the game package is a nice added bonus to the headrests, we know the quality and speed is simply not the same as playing games at home with a home gaming system.  However, I still catch myself sitting in the back seat from time to time seeing if I can beat my top score in dig dug ;)

One feature we like to mention further is the educational games.  We've heard from parents that they enjoy having their kids do some of the math and other educational games while driving to and from school.  Just an idea as I know making education fun can make a big difference in a child's desire to learn.

About OnFair

about onfair

OnFair is the leading online provider and most passionate about offering only the best headrest DVD players on the market.  They work directly with factory engineers to design and develop the most advanced features and capabilities available and then offer them to you in their exclusive AUTOTAIN branded headrest monitor packages.

Because they've been doing this for over 11 years as a family business from Lincoln, Nebraska, some would argue they've earned their PHD in headrest DVD players as it'll be nearly impossible to find anyone more passionate and more experience with the product.

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