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Can I play the same DVD on both headrests at the same time

If you purchase one of our packages that include a pair of headrests, you should be able to watch the same DVD on both headrests at the same time if you connect the audio and video cables together correctly during installation.

Most headrests include RCA cables for audio and video.  These are the yellow, red and white cables much like you see with a home VCR or DVD player.  You connect the RCA cables with the signal out from one unit to the signal in on the other unit to make the connection.  We recommend you do the same connection the other direction so either headrest can become the master or the slave at any time with the push of a button on the remote.

Once you have the units connected together to watch the DVD on the second unit, you will select the DVD/AV/TV button on the remote control (for most models).  This button is located near the bottom left section of the remote control for the all-in-one remote control.

About OnFair

about onfair

OnFair is the leading online provider and most passionate about offering only the best headrest DVD players on the market.  They work directly with factory engineers to design and develop the most advanced features and capabilities available and then offer them to you in their exclusive AUTOTAIN branded headrest monitor packages.

Because they've been doing this for over 11 years as a family business from Lincoln, Nebraska, some would argue they've earned their PHD in headrest DVD players as it'll be nearly impossible to find anyone more passionate and more experience with the product.

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