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For the quickest service, please contact our team of specialists via the contact box at the bottom of this website.  Otherwise our email address is as well.  We review and respond to all emails multiple times per weekday and will escalate your email to our warehouse staff or technical staff if needed.

Centrally located in Lincoln, NE.

OnFair, Inc
4502 W St, Ste B
Lincoln, NE 68503

If you have questions regarding our car headrest DVD players, we have developed an extensive FAQ page to answer most questions. Car Headrest FAQ Page

Looking for a phone number?

Sorry, we don't provide customer support via the telephone. We used to but we found we can help 5-10 customers via chat or email in the same time we can help one person on the phone. It's easier on our customers too, you don't have to wait on hold or leave a message, then play phone tag. With chat and email we can give you more thorough answers including links, photos, videos and so much more we just can't do on the telephone. Sorry phone company!