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How do the headrest monitors get power

Each headrest requires 12 volt power from the vehicle's electrical system.  This can be accomplished either by connecting power wires included with the headrests to the fuse box or with cigarette lighter plugs which are sometimes included in our packages.  Please check the description carefully to see if a cigarette lighter plug is included.

If you purchase a kit without cigarette lighter plugs and wish to add them to your order we have them available here:  cigarette lighter plug for car headrests  While this plug will work with almost all of our headrest packages, please double check the listing to make sure it is compatible with the package you order.

About OnFair

about onfair

OnFair is the leading online provider and most passionate about offering only the best headrest DVD players on the market.  They work directly with factory engineers to design and develop the most advanced features and capabilities available and then offer them to you in their exclusive AUTOTAIN branded headrest monitor packages.

Because they've been doing this for over 11 years as a family business from Lincoln, Nebraska, some would argue they've earned their PHD in headrest DVD players as it'll be nearly impossible to find anyone more passionate and more experience with the product.

Want to know more about the OnFair story, check it out here.