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2010 Kia Carens Headrest DVD Player Install Testimonial

Autotain Car Headrest DVD Customer Testimonial - 2010 Kia Carens

Item ordered: Autotain 9" Headrest Touch Screen Monitors

Vehicle make/model: Kia Carens
Vehicle year:  2010
Vehicle color: Grey
Post distance center to center:  5.1"
Post size used (10mm, 12mm or 14mm):  12 mm
First name and city/state:  Ahmad, Cairo, Egypt

Additional comments:  In a nut shell: "Great Investment!.". Yes it was. I was looking for DVD headrests to install in my car as a birthday gift for two years old boy, and I came across many websites who sell products that are less in quality and poorer in features with higher prices than what I found at So, buying from Onfair was the rationale decision. The best part of the deal came in the MAGNIFICENT support I received from Brandon!. This guy is great, really! He stood by me before and after I purchased the headrests. At first, he facilitated my purchase with other payment options while my payment method wasn't accepted. Then, after I received the package, I had a problem with one of the screens that was displaying a less than perfect image. I contacted him, and he was like 24/7 available!. He was helpful in diagnosing the problem and he offered me a return to the factory so the unit can be fixed. After a long email thread, he sent me a firmware upgrade along with how to apply it, and the problem was fixed.

Now, to the quality of the product. The image quality is perfect, you have 800x600 image that is more than enough on a 9" display. The image looks crisp and sharp enough to let you enjoy whatever is displayed. The sound quality is pretty good, on the three output options, the built-in speakers, the FM output and the IR headphones. Though I was in doubt with the audio quality coming out from the built-in speakers, but, when I tried them I was amazed. The variety of media to play your files from is perfect. You can play off USB thumb drive, memory card and of course the optical disc player. I liked how you can operate both units separately so each one can display it's own image/sound, or, operate them in a master/slave mode where one displays what's on the other. The 32-bit games included along with the game controller are amusing and you might not get them for free with other products sold somewhere else.

Installing the units was a breeze. Very easy and very straight forward. I opted for the cigarette lighter power option, where I bridged the two power inputs for both units, and then connected them to one cigarette lighter, and I was all good to go. The software that comes installed on the units is very easy to deal with too, especially with the touch screen.

Finally, I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm glad I mad the decision to buy from, I will be very happy to do business with them again. It all boils down to the quality of product, honesty in dealing with customers and dedication with supporting the product before and after sale. Thank you Onfair!.


OnFair Customer Photo 2009 Mitsubishi Raider Quad Cab
OnFair Customer Photo 2009 Mitsubishi Raider Quad Cab
OnFair Customer Photo 2009 Mitsubishi Raider Quad Cab