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Car Headrest DVD Player Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

best headrest DVD players are at OnFair

With over 11 years of extreme focus on selling only the best headrest DVD players on the planet, some would say we've earned a PHD degree in the subject.  It's our pride in selling a quality product and our passion to helping families just like ours in taking more family vacations and enjoying the drive...that DRIVES US!!

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Top Questions and Answers Before Buying Headrest DVD Players

how to measure headrest for fit

How to measure your vehicle to determine what headrest DVD players will fit is one of the top questions customers ask us.  

 headrest dvd player colors

What headrest pillow color choices are available for headrest DVD players and will it match my vehicle?

headrest dvd player material

Does your vehicle have leather or cloth seats?  Want to learn more about what material are the headrest monitor pillows made from?

What is active headrest technology

What is Active Headrest technology?

difference between headrest with cover and non cover

What is the difference between the headrest cover and non-cover models?

cloth headrest dvd players

Do you offer cloth headrests?

Do you offer Blu Ray Headrest DVD Players?

How to Install Car Headrest DVD Player Monitors

headrest dvd player install wires

Where do all the wires run?

hear headrest dvd player audio over fm speakers

How to power my car headrest DVD players?

hear headrest dvd player audio over fm speakers


Can I connect an external video game system?

connect headrest dvd players to the fuse box

How to connect my headrests to the fuse box?

connect headrest dvd players to the fuse box

How do I connect my headrests to the cigarette lighter plug?

play 2 dvd's at the same time on headrest dvd players

Do I need to hire a professional to install my headrests?

how to install headrest dvd player in vehicle video

How to install my car headrest DVD players

install 4 headrest dvd players in 1 vehicle

How to install 4 headrests into a single vehicle without audio overlap?

How to Operate and Enjoy Your Headrest DVD Players

play 1 dvd on 2 headrest dvd players at the same time

Can I play the same DVD on both headrests at the same time?

play 2 dvd's at the same time on headrest dvd players

Can I play 2 DVDs at the same time?

all in one remote control for headrest dvd players

What is all the excitement about the new all-in-one remote control?

what is dual channel IR headphones

What's the difference between single channel and dual channel headphones?

how to get wireless ir headphones to work

How do I get the wireless headphones to work for my headrest DVD player?

how to open battery cover for ir headphones

How to open the battery cover and power the wireless headphones?

how to hear audio over FM speakers

Can I hear the audio sound over my vehicle speakers?

How to turn on the wireless FM transmitter for my headrest DVD players?

How do I turn on the wireless FM transmit function?

how to adjust volume on headrest dvd player video games

How do I adjust the volume for the video games?

how to navigate headrest dvd player video game menu

How do I navigate the video game menu?

how to tilt headrest dvd player pillow

How to tilt the headrest pillow?

video games for headrest dvd players

What video games are good for kids?

remote control for headrest dvd players

How to control only 1 headrest with the universal remote control?