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How do I connect my headrest to the cigarette lighter plug

Some of our headrest packages come with cigarette lighter power cables included.  Each headrest requires its own power using the power cables and cigarette lighter plugs.

Please note before plugging in the cigarette lighter for power, please tape off the red and black wires with electrical tape so they do not touch anything.  If they touch each other or they touch metal after the cigarette lighter plug is powered up, it may blow the fuse inside the cigarette lighter plug.  If the fuse gets blown, you can remove the end cap screw on the cigarette lighter plug and replace the fuse.

Because each unit requires its own cigarette lighter plug for power you will need 2 cigarette lighter slots to plug into.  Most newer vehicles come with multiple cigarette lighter ports but if your vehicle has only 1 cigarette lighter port, you may need to purchase a multi-splitter at a local electronics store to allow you to plug in more than 1 cigarettte lighter power plug into 1 cigarette lighter port.

About OnFair

about onfair

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