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How to Measure Headrest Post Diameter

One of the top questions we get from customers before buying from OnFair is how to measure the post diameter to know which metal VERSA post size is correct for your vehicle?  We know this is a tad difficult to do with total accuracy using a tape measure so here's our little gem of a tip to help you out.  We hope you love it!

It's already been determined that 99% of the vehicles on the market have a headrest post diameter of: 10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm or 14mm.  Knowing this helps narrow things down a ton.

All Autotain headrest DVD player packages come standard with the 10mm metal posts included.  This is because 10mm is the diameter the majority of vehicles use.  However, it's still a very good idea to measure your headrest posts real quick before ordering. 

Here's the easiest way to measure your headrest post diameter.  Use open ended wrenches.  Grab your 10mm, 12mm and 14mm metric wrenches and then grab your 1/2" standard wrench.  Why 1/2"?  Because 1/2" is the same as you didn't know that!!!

Find which wrench your current headrest posts fit snug inside and there you have it, you now know your headrest post diameter, write it down.  If you're post diameter is 10mm, no worries, you'll get the metal posts you desire with any and all Autotain headrest package from OnFair.  

If you're post diameter is 12mm, 12.7mm, or 14mm in diameter, here's what you do.

Some AUTOTAIN packages include the entire selection of VERSA metal posts inside the standard package.  This was a convenience decision we made many years ago.  However, we later learned that it's not the most efficient thing to do to ship out extra metal posts when they are not really needed by every customer.  So we've begun adjusting our packages to a new sales model that's better for EVERYONE including YOU!

For new packages we've taken the entire bundle of metal posts out of the standard package and INSTANTLY REDUCED THE PRICE...That's right, now you won't be paying for metal posts you may or may not need and we've made it possible to add only the metal posts that you do NEED to the package.  Therefore only paying for the posts you'll be using rather than paying for all of the metal posts.  It's a win win for all and we love it when that happens!

Again, if you have 10mm posts, you're good to go. Order the standard package and drive forward thru the checkout lane.

What happens if you have 12mm, 12.7mm or 14mm posts but forgot or didn't add them to your order?  Well, no worries again.  We've got you covered.  To keep things simple, we've also included the plastic post sleeve adapters with every package.  This way you can use the plastic post sleeve adapters right away and if wish to order the other size metal posts later on, you can do so.  But getting the larger metal posts is not necessary if you're happy with the plastic sleeves.  It's your call.

Here's the link to order metal posts for your headrest DVD players

May you enjoy the drive!

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