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Rockville Headrest DVD Player Cigarette Power Cable

Did you order your Rockville headrest DVD players because of the low price thinking it's a "Great Deal" just to find out it's missing so many parts and accessories for an enjoyable experience?  Frustrated...don't worry, we have you covered.

We've reviewed the Rockville headrest DVD player package in great detail and one of the many missing components is the cigarette lighter power cable to help you with a quick and convenient install.  Maybe you ordered the Rockville headrests right before your family vacation and wish to install them quickly however installing to your fuse box will take too long....Bummer!

We have your solution.  OnFair offers 3 headrest DVD player cigarette lighter power cables and we know how to use them to offer the exact power you're looking for with your Rockville headrest DVD players.  Because each headrest requires it's own power cable if you wish to power 2 headrest DVD players, be sure to buy 2 power cables.

Here's the cable we suggest for your Rockville headrest DVD players:

Rockville Headrest DVD Player Cigarette Power Cable

Note: Because the Rockville headrests have less features than our Autotain headrest DVD players, it's possible our cigarette lighter power cable will not work with a direct connection.  BUT DON'T WORRY!  We have a secret HACK that's very easy and takes only 10 seconds to do that'll guarantee 100% that our cigarette lighter power cable will power up your Rockville headrests without issue as long as you still have your original (cigarette lighter plug not included) power cable.  This way you KNOW you're still providing the correct voltage and amps to your headrest DVD players and not going to do any damage.

We guarantee 100% that our SECRET HACK will power your Rockville headrest DVD players if the cables you buy from us do not connect and power them.  We include our secret hack instructions with your power cables. This little trick will work with both 7" headrest DVD players and 9" headrest DVD players, no problem.   We've personally bench tested this trick with actual Rockville headrest DVD players.  We have no plans on installing them as we love the Autotain headrest DVD players better.  We said we have you covered and we do.  

You probably wish you'd found OnFair before buying your headrest DVD players. We hear that all the time.  There's a reason our customers become raving fans and it's time you become our next fan today.

Enjoy the drive!