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WARNING - Before You Buy Headrest DVD Players

Before you buy headrest DVD players for your vehicle there are 3 IMPORTANT things to measure for that perfect fit.

1) Measure your headrest post distance

The post distance for vehicles vary greatly and the Autotain headrest monitor packages are designed to adjust to fit most vehicles...however there are some vehicles with posts too close or too far apart.

With a tape measure, measure the distance from post to post.  If you're posts are between 4" to 7" apart, no worries.  All Autotain headrest packages will fit your vehicle in this regard.  You can move on to the next step.  If your post distance is below 4" or above 7" apart, write the distance down and watch very carefully which Autotain headrest package you select.  Some packages will adjust down to 3.5" or up to 8" apart.  But only certain packages will fit these sizes.

2) Measure your headrest post diameter

The post diameter (distance from side to side) also varies from vehicle to vehicle.  Most all headrest posts will be 10mm, 12mm 12.7mm (1/2") or 14mm in diameter.  The good news is all Autotain packages come with 10mm posts and adapters to adjust for larger sizes.  However...some customers like to ADD the VERSA metal posts for the larger sizes to their order to have a tighter fit.

The quickest way to measure your post diameter is to use open ended wrenches like the photo below.

3) Check for "Active Headrest Technology" - VERY IMPORTANT!

Active headrest technology is a safety feature where your headrest pillow will move in the event of an accident.  It is becoming more common in newer vehicles and something you NEED to confirm before selecting your headrest package.  Because of this added safety feature, we don't recommend removing or replacing your factory headrest pillow.  No worries, we have the best selling active headrest DVD players the Autotain EDGE.  Take a look!

To determine if your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology, review your vehicle instruction manual or search online to see if your exact make/model/year have this feature.

4) Check the color match for your headrest DVD player

I know, we said 3 things and now we're adding a 4th.  This one is optional.  If color match is a concern for you, we recommend having us send you a FREE MATERIAL COLOR SAMPLE in the mail.  We do this for many customers everyday.

The Autotain headrest packages come in 3 basic color designed to be a close match to the majority of vehicle colors on the market.  However, a perfect match is hard to accomplish with all the varieties of colors on the market.  Allow us to mail you color samples so you can compare side by side and select the best color for your vehicle before ordering.

5) Reach customer reviews from past customers with the same vehicle

We have over 200 customer photos and reviews on our website of past happy customers.  Take a look at similar vehicles to yours and see how they look and what past customers say.  Here's the link to headrest DVD player reviews by vehicle make.