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(NEW) PAIR Autotain MEGA 11.6 inch (Slot In) Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players + 1080P
(NEW) PAIR Autotain MEGA 11.6 inch (Slot In) Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players + 1080P
(NEW) PAIR Autotain MEGA 11.6 inch (Slot In) Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players + 1080P
(NEW) PAIR Autotain MEGA 11.6 inch (Slot In) Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players + 1080P
(NEW) PAIR Autotain MEGA 11.6 inch (Slot In) Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players + 1080P

(NEW) PAIR Autotain MEGA 11.6 inch (Slot In) Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players + 1080P

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PAIR - Autotain MEGA 11.6” Car Headrest Monitor DVD Players

Introducing the latest and greatest.  The biggest and the best headrest DVD player yet!!  Only from Autotain where we combine our family’s 14 plus years of dedicated focus selling the most complete ready to install headrest DVD player packages on the planet.  Ready to help you “Enjoy the drive”!

  • The massive 11.6” screen offers the biggest Autotain headrest monitor yet
  • IPS LCD technology offers the clearest side viewing technology in a headrest monitor ever
  • The 18 LED backlights generate bright colors as if you’re sitting in a movie theatre
  • The Autotain “High compression” brackets offer the QUICKEST INSTALL EVER

Most complete headrest monitor DVD player package available

OnFair is a family run business that’s been laser focused since 2006 (over 14 years) at providing the most complete ready to install headrest DVD player packages possible.  As a family that travels often, we know first-hand your situation and we know in your family traveling needs.  At OnFair, we only sell headrest entertainment packages that we’d buy ourselves.  Yes, we eat our own dogfood….so to speak.  Never, cutting costs by removing items if they’ll make your install or use of the headrest DVD players better.

Our headrest packages are unique and you won’t find a more complete package anywhere, guaranteed!!

Fit Guide:

  • Fits headrest posts that are 4.5” to 6.75” apart in distance
  • Fits headrest posts that are 10, 12, 12.7, 14 or 15mm in diameter (all sizes)


  • PAIR (2x) 11.6” Autotain MEGA headrest DVD players
    • Slot-in Region-free DVD player
    • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
    • IPS LCD “Wide angle viewing” technology
    • 18 LED backlights for bright colors
    • 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Multiple Input options
    • DVD players
    • RCA A/V inputs
      • RCA input (AV 1) using the power cable assembly that runs through the seats
      • 3.5mm A/V input (AV 2) on the side for easy access
      • Watch 1 DVD on both units by connecting the 2 MEGA units RCA cables together
      • Watch your in-dash DVD player on the MEGA units by connecting the RCA cables to your in-dash unit
      • Connect an external game system to the RCA inputs for advanced gaming capability
    • HDMI
      • Can connect a smart phone or tablet using a MHL cable
        • Android and Apple compatible
      • Can connect a HDMI dongle for wireless WiFi connectivity
        • Android dongle, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and all other HDMI dongles are compatible.
        • Tip: When using a HDMI dongle, you’ll also use the headrest USB to power the dongle
      • Can connect a game system with HDMI outputs for advanced gaming
  • The latest Autotain software
    • Offers the easiest navigation for little ones to learn
    • Offering the loudest speaker
    • Plays the widest range of DVD types.  Including “Region 1 Enhanced” DVD’s produced for the USA where many region free DVD’s cannot play.
  • The QUICKEST and EASIEST install
    • The Autotain high compression mounting bracket can be mounted in minutes
    • Using the cigarette plug power cable, you can be up and running in 5 minutes or less
    • You can easily move your Autotain MEGA package from vehicle to vehicle as needed
  • The “Factory Look” install
    • Using the included extra-long power cable, you can run the cable through the seat and hide all wires offering the same factory look install as common in Mercedes, BMW and Lexus vehicles.
  • Size
    • Each unit is 11.5” wide 8” tall and 1.5” thick
  • Adjustable height and tilt
    • With the advanced mounting technology, the MEGA can be installed higher or lower on the seat to offer greater viewing for your short or tall backseat passengers.
    • The MEGA units also tilt forward or backward as needed
  • Solid installation
    • The Autotain MEGA uses a new and thicker mounting bracket than earlier models.  This offers less vibration on bumpy roads.
    • The included pipe clamps give the bracket a solid lock onto the metal posts for additional stability.
  • Many audio options
    • Most popular is the wireless IR headphones.  These units offer dual channel stereo IR so each monitor can be heard without any audio overlap. 
      • Channel A: left 2.3Mhz right 2.8Mhz
      • Channel B: left 3.2Mhz right 3.8Mhz
    • Built-in speakers
      • The 2 high fidelity built-in speakers offer a 3D surround sound experience much like watching in a movie theatre.
      • TIP: the built-in speakers automatically turn off when the IR or FM signal is turned on.  If you wish to hear the built-in speakers again, simply turn off the IR and FM signals.
    • Wired headphone jack
      • Sometimes, young children will only wear their own wired headphones.  No worries the Autotain MEGA have an easy access headphone jack for wired headphones.  Tip: be sure the built-in speakers are turned on (explained above) before plugging in the headphone cable to hear the audio through wired headphones.
    • Wireless FM transmitter
      • This option offers the ability to wirelessly transmit your Autotain MEGA audio to the vehicle stereo system by simply dialing to a desired frequency much like tuning into a radio station.  There are many frequency choices available to help avoid overlap with local radio stations.  Tip: if you live in a heavily populated area with many radio stations, this option may be more difficult to use.
    • Watch digital movies on a USB thumb drive or SD card
      • Convert your movies to digital and travel with many movies at a time on a single USB thumb drive or SD card.
      • File types: AVI, DIVX, 3GP, VOB, RMVB, DAT, RM, FLV, MP4, XVID, JPG
      • COOL FEATURE: The Autotain MEGA is enhanced with the ability to decode and watch 1080p, 720p or 480p movie sizes.  This feature was not available in some earlier models or other similar models. 
      • The USB or SD max size is 32GB and max single file size is 4GB
      • TIP: the USB is designed for USB thumb drives ONLY no external hard drives. 
      • TIP: DON’T insert a USB or SD card with additional software on it.  This can sometimes confuse the DVD player or possible corrupt the units internal software.
    • Included game system
      • Included is a Native 32 (32 bit) video game dis containing 100’s of video games, puzzles and educational games designed to entertain for hours.
      • Navigate the game menu using the “all-in-one” remote control.
      • Play the game with either the all-in-one game remote or the specially designed game remotes (included).

You can’t put a price on your “Piece of mind” that you’re getting the most complete and advanced headrest DVD player package from the most family friendly headrest DVD player retailer on the planet.

From our family to yours, we hope you ENJOY THE DRIVE!
Brandon and family at OnFair