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AUTOTAIN BOOST-XL Portable Car Battery Jump Starter 600A 35530mAh
AUTOTAIN BOOST-XL Portable Car Battery Jump Starter 600A 35530mAh
AUTOTAIN BOOST-XL Portable Car Battery Jump Starter 600A 35530mAh

AUTOTAIN BOOST-XL Portable Car Battery Jump Starter 600A 35530mAh

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Car batteries always die at the MOST INCONVENIENT TIME...when you're in a hurry to get somewhere, when there is no family member around to help, when it's cold and dark outside or when your kids are waiting for you to pick them up. In the past, you'd have to ask a stranger to jump your car's dead battery, you'd have wait for a tow truck to arrive and the surprise bill or you'd have to wait for your family member to drive across town to save you. NO MORE!

The AUTOTAIN BOOST XL is the lifesaver you're going to be glad you have when that dreaded day comes. IT'S ALSO THE PERFECT GIFT for your spouse or your teenager driver in the family. EVERY VEHICLE SHOULD HAVE AN AUTOTAIN BOOST XL IN THE GLOVE BOX! The AUTOTAIN BOOST XL takes up less room than jumper cables and offers many additional benefits!

RAPID POWER BOOST JUMP START WITHIN MINUTES - No asking a stranger for a jump in the middle of the night. No more being late to pickup your kids because the car wouldn't start. The AUTOTAIN BOOST XL offers a rapid powerful jump charge at 600A peak current that's powerful enough to jump start nearly every personal 12 volt gasoline vehicle on the market (V8 or smaller up to 6.0L or smaller). Also jump start a motorcycle, boat, ATV, SUV, lawn mower, car, pickup truck, snowmobile or watercraft.

4 EASY STEPS - 1) connect cables to battery 2) plug in cables to the BOOST XL device and turn it on 3) start your vehicle 4) remove the cables.

6 MONTH CHARGE - the AUTOTAIN BOOST XL will hold a charge for up to 6 months and only takes 4-6 hours to fully charge from scratch. LED indicator lights to tell you the level of remaining charge available at anytime. You can charge your BOOST XL in the car with cigarette plug cable or in the home with home power cable, both included.

2 RAPID CHARGE USB PORTS - The AUTOTAIN BOOST XL also doubles as a portable battery for your smart phone, tablet, ereader or digital camera. Included are 2 USB ports, 5v 2.1a and 5v 1a. Rapidly charge your smart phone using the 2.1a USB port or remotely power a USB device at the campsite for hours.

3 FUNCTION FLASHLIGHT - need light, 3 options available.  Solid on, flashing and blinking.

LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY - the AUTOTAIN BOOST XL not only offers a rapid punch of power in an emergency, it has a deep storage capacity as well with the 35,530 mAh battery, bigger than most others.

INCLUDES STORAGE CASE - a hard lined nylon storage case that can fit in most glove boxes. Protects the battery and accessories while easy to find when needed.

INCLUDED - AUTOTAIN BOOST XL battery jump starter, smart easy to connect jumper clamps, home wall charger, car cigarette plug charger cable, usb charging cable with multiple ends, hard line storage case and quick start user manual.

BOOST XL SIZE - 6.25" x 3" x 1.25"

Output voltage: 9V to 14.4V