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Car DVD Headrest Monitor Buying Guide - Step 2 Active Headrest Restraint

Step 2 is to determine if your vehicle has active headrest restraint technology. This is a fairly new technology so it will mostly be found in newer model vehicles but it's a good idea to check if your vehicle has this technology built into your existing headrests before proceeding to order our replacement headrest pillow DVD players.

What is active headrest restraint?

As new cars roll off the production line, more and more models are being developed with a new technology called Active Headrest Restraint.  In 2011 more vehicles have been introduced with this technology.

Active headrest restraint is a technology where the headrest pillow will activate and move up and forward to help reduce the distance a head moves during an accident in hopes of reducing the possibility of a whiplash injury.  While our built-in headrest DVD players are very popular, we don't recommend replacing the headrest pillow to your vehicle if it has active headrest technology built-in.

To see if your vehicle is equipped with the active headrest restraint technology, check your owner's manual in the safety section and see what it says.  Sometimes there is a cable connecting the headrests pillow to the Active Headrest feature so pulling your existing headrest up and out of the chair and if there IS a cable running through the post, you most likely have Active Headrest technology. 


No worries, we have many wonderful solutions for your back seat entertainment needs.

Best Selling Active Headrest DVD Players

These car DVD player models attach to your existing headrest posts.  They function as a headrest DVD player as well as becoming a portable DVD player by dismounting and enjoying.  Some models also have a built-in rechargable battery.  Please note, these headrest DVD systems can be enjoyed on vehicles with active headrests AS WELL AS vehicles without active headrests.

IF YOUR VEHCILE DOES NOT HAVE ACTIVE HEADREST TECHNOLOGY? you'll be able to select from our entire range of headrest packages during future steps.

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