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Car DVD Headrest Monitor Buying Guide - Step 3 Color Match

Step 3 is to determine which color is best suited for your vehicle. Due to the wide variety of vehicles and the unusual names they give to the color tones, we're unable to offer a 100% color match. No worries, we offer the 3 most popular colors that are designed to match or be a close match to the majority of vehicles. We hear from our customers often the color is a perfect match!

If you're unsure which color is best for your vehicle, we'd be happy to mail you a material sample in advance of purchasing to give you additional confidence. Because we only sell new items, we're unable to offer refund warranty on opened items if the color is not a match so if the color match is a big concern, we recommend getting a sample in advance. Get a material sample for your headrest DVD player pillow.

To see our headrests by color:

Tan Headrest DVD Players

Grey Headrest DVD Players

Black Headrest DVD Players

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