TODAY - Free Shipping - on orders over $50 to USA addresses.

Headrest DVD Player Free Shipping

Looking for FREE SHIPPING for headrest DVD players?  Let us tell you a secret!


There's no such thing as FREE SHIPPING!  
...let me say that again...

We ship a ton of product with UPS and USPS so we asked them if they will give us FREE SHIPPING so we can offer FREE SHIPPING to our customers.  Let's be honest, they actually laughed at us.  We get it, they have trucks, airplanes and people to pay to move boxes from point A (us) to point B (you).

The challenge is some retailers advertise FREE SHIPPING in their ads.  How do they do it?

The key is to remember, never forget, write this on your hand if you have to.  

There is no such thing as FREE SHIPPING!  There really isn't.

If you decide to buy a product just because they advertise free shipping for their headrest DVD player package YOU GOT PLAYED!  I'm sorry to say it.  Online merchants who offer free shipping for their headrest DVD players hide the atual cost to ship the item into the price of the product.  

The actually paid for shipping.  YUP, YES, YOU SURE DID!

The magic here is simple.  Focus on the TOTAL PRICE and the TOTAL VALUE!  What you get for what you pay.



I guarantee we offer the best TOTAL VALUE for headrest DVD players on the planet.

How can I guarantee this?  Because this is all we do. The moment we wake up to the moment we lay our head to rest, we are LASER FOCUSED on headrest DVD players.


It can make it easier to know your total price but....are you ready....did you know this.....YOU MAY BE PAYING MORE IF YOU BUY SOMETHING WITH FREE SHIPPING!

Let me explain.

When the merchant adds the "estimated shipping" cost to the product price they typically take an "average" and then add a little just in case.  So this means some people (usually far far far away) may get a deal while nearly everyone else (nearby + the just in case factor) PAID MORE than if they would have had the option to simply pay the actual shipping cost.  YUP, that's what happens.  Some win and many lose.

Therefore, we've decided NOT to offer FREE SHIPPING.  We know you're smart enough to do the math and we also know you DON'T WANT TO OVER-PAY due to averaging.  

Our checkout is very smart (just like you) and it calculates the REAL SHIPPING COST at the point of checkout because it KNOWS where we are located and it knows where you are located.  BAM, YOU JUST SAVED SOME DOUGH!  You paid what should be charged and you win!

So next time you see FREE SHIPPING, be careful. Be very very careful.  Stop and think if you're really getting a GREAT VALUE or if you're getting the wool pulled over your eyes?  

You're welcome from us for not playing the FREE SHIPPING GAME and keeping it real.  Thank you for being smart enough to know the difference!

Enjoy the Drive!